Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 361: Summer Boys with Dr. Frank

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Dr. Frank

Musician and author Dr. Frank (The Mr. T Experience, King Dork) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of nicknames, pirate subculture, and superfoods. Plus, Dr. Frank plays a song!


Southwest Airlines

To give you an idea of the Southwest culture:

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, Southwest had the tagline "Just Plane Smart". A regional freight airline out of North Carolina filed a suit claiming they already had the tagline "Plane Smart". Herb Kelleher, founder and Chairman of Southwest, publicly challenged the CEO of the other airline to an arm-wrestling contest for the rights. There was some back-and-forth between the two men in typical pre-fight fashion. Kelleher said he was confident despite the fact he was middle-aged and smoked and drank while the other man was young and worked out all the time.

Kelleher rented a coliseum and started promoting the match. He gave all the employees he could the day off and brought them to the coliseum for a huge pep rally and party before the match. When the time came, he announced that the two airlines had come to an agreement some time before, and the whole thing was a PR stunt and party because that's what he did.