Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 279: The Optometrist's Daughter with Alison Becker

Alison Becker

Alison Becker joins Jordan and Jesse for a comparison of spa experiences, an exploration of American Girl dolls, and a discussion of a new exercise technique.


Raleigh, NC: Ferret Capital of the South

After that thorough discussion of Raleigh, NC (which was incredibly can own as many ferrets as you want here....and the hipsters live outside of Chapel Hill in Carrboro), when are you guys going to actually come here? Poor listeners in the southeast that can't go to boat parties or MaxFunCons want to meet you too! And bring Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher with you please!

Two legged dog.

Here's a gif of the dog, it's awesome.

OH MAN this was the best episode

I was the guy who was on the deployment. Oh man I was so tired from the flight back. Just so you know guys I will do all those things you said for me to do. Love the show.