Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 214: Rhythm Nation with Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt
Nick Adams

Guest host Nick Adams fills in for Jordan this week as guest Mike Schmidt joins to talk about home food delivery and celebrity sweat.

Jesse also announces a new development in the MaximumFun family! Listen in for the exciting news.


best episode ever

This episode is my all time favourite {sorry Jordan} it inspired a huge soul searching journey about me and Janet Jackson... which i wrote about here.

greens and cheese

In case anyone is wondering what do to if one person hates greens and loves cheese and your CSA only gives you greens, you can bake kale in the oven and cover it with shredded cheese to make kale nachos. They are surprisingly good and make kale palatable to people that hate vegetables.

Just toss the kale in olive oil, cover it with shredded cheese, and bake them at 425F for 10 minutes or so. Make sure the kale is dry and it will be awesome, like nachos, but healthy (er) depending on how much cheese you add.

Don't try this with any other greens. It only works with kale.

rappers in VT

We actually do have hip hop here in good ol' Vermont!