Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 203: Bone Manor with Maria Thayer


Maria Thayer from Eagleheart and Strangers With Candy--among others-- joins Jordan and Jesse in the Bone Manor to talk feelings. Like how you feel when you see Bill Murray, being faced with the body of your life's work and Ryan Gosling.


Maria Thayer

Could you have her back some time and talk about HER body of work? :)

Yeah, ditto

Is Maria playing Lisa Riggs again in Season 5 of Cougar Town? How does she feel about the starring role she did for "Annie Claus" on Hallmark? How do you guys like the Arrested Development reboot? In 2001 Maria won Best Actress at Cannes on the Hudson for a film that has disappeared off the face of the planet. How does that happen? Are there more "Pilot Season" episodes coming up on Funny or Die?

Inquiring minds want to know.