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On this week’s episode, hosts Tre’vell Anderson and Shar Jossell sit down with iconic performer and alum of The Jerry Springer Show, Mimi Marks. Mimi recalls her time on Jerry, learning from her mistakes while in the public eye, and shares some advice for folks who may be new in their trans journey. And after, our hosts meet with activist and community organizer, Hope Giselle as she discusses how race and racism is left out of trans discourse, especially in media. 

But first, Tre’vell and Shar have some table – talk on the one, the only – Laverne Cox. Our hosts discuss the actress’ career and the impact she had not only in media, but the world, with iconic moments like her role as Sophia in Orange is the New Black, her Emmy nomination, and her cover for Time Magazine. Along with the rise of Laverne, the uptick in the profitability in “outrage culture” is also examined. Last but not least, we “Pass The Mic” and get to hear from B, Calypso, and Kris on what they think is missing from trans media. 

Over the course of this series, Tre’vell and Shar will be including the personal experiences of ‘everyday’ trans people. To that end, anyone in community who wishes to comment on or speak to issues brought up on the show, please share your thoughts with them. We’ve made it easy to record a message. Just click SpeakPipe.com/WeSeeEachOther and follow the very simple instructions. If you’d like to email Shar and Tre’vell, you can send any message to FANTI@maximumfun.org and put WSEO in the subject line.

Mentioned in the Show

Laverne Cox

The Jerry Springer Show 

Angelica Ross 

Hunter Schafer 

Dylan Mulvaney 

Jacob Tobia’s autobiography Sissy

Time Magazine’s The Transgender Tipping Point

Vanity Fair: Caitlyn Jenner: The Full Story

Janet Mock in Marie Claire: I Was Born a Boy


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  • Mimi Marks
  • Hope Giselle

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“We See Each Other: The Podcast” is a limited series that explores the histories and present realities of trans visibility. Hosted by journalists Tre’vell Anderson and Shar Jossell, this podcast aims to have a different kind of conversation about the images of trans folks on-screen, breathing new life into “the discourse.” It’s based on Tre’vell’s debut book, “We See Each Other: A Black, Trans Journey Through TV and Film.”

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