Episode 6: Rhea Butcher – “A Weird Flesh Skeleton (and the Maximum Fun Pledge Drive)”

Episode 6

18th March 2019

We speak with comedian Rhea Butcher about Saltines vs. Rice Crackers… and much more.

Episode notes

Note: This guest now goes by River Butcher.

Episode 6: Rhea Butcher – “A Weird Flesh Skeleton (and the Maximum Fun Pledge Drive)”

VERY happy to bring you A SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE in what would’ve otherwise been a dark week for us (in the sense that we wouldn’t normally be delivering a podcast because we’re on a bi-weekly schedule, because, I mean… it’s always pretty dark these days… and weeks) with our friend, comedian Rhea Butcher!

If you like our dumb intro conversations, then, my friends, you are in for a treat, because this may be our dumbest ever. It’s mainly about Saltines vs. Rice Crackers.

No ads this episode, but we do take a few breaks to talk about the MaxFun annual pledge drive, which kicks off today, Monday, March 18, 2019. The entire network is largely listener supported, so thusly, we rely on your support. You can make a one-time donation or become a member with a recurring monthly contribution. These range from five dollars a month all the way up to two hundred dollars a month, and there are, as you’d imagine, some great gifts for all the various pledge levels. At the basic level, you get access to over a hundred hours of bonus content from ALL of the shows on the MaxFun network, and what we’re offering is a “new” Both song. For the rare bird out there who somehow came to this show through podcasts and not our music careers, Aimee and I perform both under our own names, and together as The Both. If you caught any of our shows toward the tail end of the touring cycle on our last Both album, you may have seen us play this live, as we were working it up then, but this is the first time a recorded version will see the light of day. We hope you’ll become a member, in our name, and we hope you’ll enjoy. Links to all the MaxFun stuff below.

RHEA is currently on tour all over the damned place, and the tour comes near you, I can’t recommend going to one of the shows strongly enough. Hell, if you’ve got the means and the time, MAKE A TRIP TO SOMEWHERE ELSE to see her.

Rhea Butcher on tour!
Maximum Fun membership sign-up page!
Take My Wife lost its original platform when NBC’s streaming comedy service SeeSo stopped doing original programming, but it’s run is once again available for streaming at pretty much all the services!

Thank you for listening; thank you for supporting us; thank you for supporting each other.

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