Ross and Carrie Meet Twin Ray (Part 1): Golden Age Edition

Episode 367

24th March 2023

Ross and Carrie introduce you to TwinRay, a husband and wife from Ashland, OR. Is he an enlightened being? Is she a walk-in from another plane? Or are they an Australian expat and a B-movie actress from Miami who sued an airline? Who can say.

Episode notes

In honor of MaxFunDrive 2023, Ross and Carrie introduce you to TwinRay, the Ashland, Oregon couple who claim to offer healing and usher you into permanent spiritual bliss. He says he’s an enlightened being; she says she’s a walk-in from another plane. But Ross and Carrie say he’s an Australian dude with a knack for pseudo-profundity, and she’s a B-movie actress from Miami who probably got rich suing an airline. Say hello to TwinRay!

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