Ross and Carrie Meet Dr. Jenny Rice: Faulty Interventions Edition

Episode 281

22nd March 2021

Rhetoric professor Jenny Rice talks to Ross and Carrie about her experience many years ago in Dr. Jerry Mungadze’s care. She shares how a questionable diagnosis affected her, and how her journey out brought her to the important work she does now.

Episode notes

In a touching and at times wrenching interview, Carrie and Ross talk to Dr. Jenny Rice, an archivist and rhetoric professor who studies the intersection of evidence and persuasion… and who happens to be a former patient of Dr. Jerry Mungadze. She shares how his methods impacted her mental health, what a questionable diagnosis did to her and others, and how her journey out brought her to the important work she does now.

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  • Dr. Jenny Rice, Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (WRD) at the University of Kentucky and author of Awful Archives.

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