Ross and Carrie Channel Pyramid Power (Part 2): Fred Bell, Inventor Edition

Episode 303

12th September 2021

Ross and Carrie turn their attention to Pyradyne founder Fred Bell, described as an inventor, alien contactee, former NASA rocket scientist, and PhD. They examine the official story, and then look at the documentary evidence for Bell’s bona fides.

Episode notes

Ross and Carrie have spent a few weeks now, trying out their Pyradyne pyramid hats, to stave off headaches, fatigues, and yucky blood. Now, they turn their attention to Pyradyne’s founder and discoverer, Fred Bell. According to Pyradyne materials, Bell was an inventor, alien contactee, former NASA rocket scientist, Air Force veteran, and PhD. Ross tells Carrie about Bell’s book, The Promise (co-authored with Brad Steiger), which tells how Bell discovered secret, ancient technology, escaped Nazi attackers, and embarked on an epic tale worthy of Tolkien (but, according to Carrie, less boring). Then, Carrie shares her findings regarding Bell’s bona fides, including his alleged direct descendence from Alexander Graham Bell. 

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