Ross and Carrie Are Down to Earth (Part 4): Final Oberview Edition

Episode 293

14th June 2021

The climax of Ross and Carrie’s conversation with Earthing leader Clint Ober. Carrie’s hand swells, Ross collects study data, and Clint begins to doubt his ability to tell if his devices are on. Plus, what recently killed one of Clint’s right-hand men?

Episode notes

We’ve reached the climax of Ross and Carrie’s conversation with Clint Ober, one of the leading proponents of Earthing. As the room heats up, so do the questions. Clint is beginning to doubt his ability to tell if his devices are on, Carrie’s hand is swelling up, and Ross is collecting data based on one maverick penny’s whims. How will Clint do on his test? What recently killed one of Earthing’s biggest devotees? And why do the studies in Clint’s book have inconsistent scales? The other shoe drops (and then is removed, so as to connect to the earth properly) in this final episode of our Earthing investigation. 

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In this episode...


  • Clint Ober, CEO of EarthFX, Inc.

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