Carrie and Marsh Talk About Tactics: Reporting on Anti-vaxxers Edition

Episode 307

17th October 2021

Carrie speaks with UK journalist, organizer, host, and long-time friend of the show, Michael Marshall about his three-part article series about the White Rose Movement, an anti-vaccine group.

Episode notes

NEW EPISODE! Carrie speaks with UK journalist, organizer, host, and long-time friend of the show, Michael Marshall.  “Marsh” recently wrote a three-part series of articles in which he revealed the results of his systematic lurking within one online anti-vaccine group. The White Rose Movement has been stickering lampposts around the world with their mysterious, “The media is the virus” message, among others. What Marsh discovered was an underworld of fear and paranoia; and a gateway to something even more dire. Plus, compare strategies for tough conversations, and speak about Marsh’s Be Reasonable podcast, in which he directly engages with fringe believers.

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  • Michael Marshall is the Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, editor of The Skeptic magazine in the UK, and President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He regularly speaks with proponents of pseudoscience for the Be Reasonable podcast. His work has seen him organising international homeopathy protests, going undercover to visit palm readers and alternative medicine practitioners, spending a weekend at the UK’s first ever Flat Earth convention, and co-founding the popular QED conference. He has written for the Guardian, The Times, New Scientist and New Statesman.

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