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It’s the final episode of Dune Month, aka “How You Dune? Month”…and it’s also the final days of #MaxFunDrive! If you’ve got the means and you’ve been putting it off, please join or upgrade to keep the MaxFilm flowing (much like the spice must flow). Head to maximumfun.org/join. And remember to email a screenshot of your confirmation email to maximumfilm@maximumfun.org to get a Staff Pick from one of the gang!

IGN’s Kim Horcher joins us for the grande finale of a truly epic month (and don’t worry, Alonso weighs in too – PS, Pre order the audiobook of Hollywood Pride!)

What’s Good
Drea – (Righteous fury re: Ify not telling her about) having the best drag queens on Um, Actually
Kim – Girls 5 Eva
Ify – end of a bicoastal media and event marathon, and esp Liam


  1. Late Night With the Devil Directors Explain Their Use of AI
  2. Titanic Door Sells at auction for over $700k
  3. World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park Announced in Saudi Arabia

Staff Picks
Drea – La Chimera
Kim – surprise anti-pick! Best. Christmas. Ever!
Ify – Sicario

Kim’s Physical Media Piece
Kim’s Dune Bucket Piece

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  • Kim Horcher

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