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DUNE MONTH CONTINUES! If you, too, are indulging in a Dune Month, YOU might find yourself searching certain video sharing website for 2000’s Sci Fi Channel miniseries FRANK HERBERT’S DUNE, aka “The one where Paul Atreides is bringing big Anakin Skywalker energy.” Or perhaps you’d like to skip that and just listen to us tell you about it. Either way, this is the episode for you! We’re talking all 90 minutes of Episode 1, comparing it to all the other DUNEs we know, and doing it all with self-described “Dune guy” Jeremy Bent (Eurovangelists, Mission to Zyxx)! Then a quiz about Sci Fi/SyFy Originals…

What’s Good
Alonso – Mark Harris’s pieces,  “Missing the GBF” “How Bad Can It Get For Hollywood
Drea – Minnesota update
Jeremy – Hell Divers 2
Ify – The Oscars being actually good


  1. The Oscars Were Last Sunday

Staff Picks
Alonso – Menus Plaisirs – Les Troisgros
Drea – Sunshine (2007)
Jeremy – Society of the Snow
Ify – Love Lies Bleeding

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  • Jeremy Bent

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