RERUN: My Legal Pony

25th May 2022

11 Shetland ponies. Two veterinarians. Boston Legal. All of the makings of a good dispute. But are these Shetlands ill-mannered? Only one can decide.

Episode notes

This week we are revisiting an episode deep in the archives, fan favorite MY LEGAL PONY! Nancy brings the case against her friend Becky. They are both veterinarians. Nancy lives out in the country, and owns a herd of Shetland ponies. She says the ponies act as ponies do, and are perfectly fine just as they are. Becky says Nancy’s ponies are ill-mannered. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Make sure to stay tuned after the verdict for some updates on these ponies and their behavior. Click HERE to check out the evidence from this episode. Thanks to Alex Maeder for naming this week’s case!


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