Episode 56: Early Man

Episode 56

18th April 2012

Troy believes in never being late for an appointment, party, or movie — but in striving to avoid tardiness, he’s swung the other direction and arrives extra-early. His insistence on being early is driving his wife Carmen crazy. Should they stick to their early bird ways, or should Troy live a little less by the clock? In this time tiff, only one man can decide!

Episode notes

Troy and Carmen are a married couple caught in a clash of the clock. Troy is a stickler for punctuality, going out of his way to never be late for appointments, parties, movies or concerts. But his quest to avoid tardiness has gone too far in the other direction, arriving extra early everywhere he goes. Carmen says her husband’s early bird ways are making her squirm, arguing that it’s just as rude to be so early as it is to be late. Troy makes the case that there are perks to being first in line — and besides, it’s family tradition!

Is it too late to change Troy’s habits, or should the couple loosen up and live a little less by the clock? In this time tiff, only one man can decide. Judge John Hodgman!

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