Episode 49: The Master’s Disaster

Episode 49

25th January 2012

Jessie and Jason are a happily married couple with a scheduling conflict. Jason is in an intensive master’s program and works a full-time job, which leaves him with little to no time for household chores or time for his wife. Jason prefers to schedule his classes in sixteen-week blocks, leaving a “summer vacation” of sorts. His wife prefers that he space out his classes so that she has someone to compliment her changing hairstyles or fix a doorknob. Can Judge Hodgman find a suitable arrangement?

Episode notes

Jessie and Jason are a happily married couple with a time-sensitive issue. Jason has been enrolled in a Master’s Degree program that offers its courses in two different semester lengths. He can choose to split up the semester in an 8 week on and 8 week off frame, or compact the course work into an extensive 16 week semester with a 16 week break. Jason has already slogged through the lengthier version once, to Jessie’s dismay.

The issue is that when Jason is in classes (and attending to his full-time job), he has no time for anything but the bare necessities — and that does not involve what Jessie considers “husbandly duties,” including cooking, household chores, noticing of fancy attire and well-appointed hairdos or handyman-related issues.

Can the Judge keep this marriage from falling apart at the seams? FIND OUT THIS WEEK!



From Jason
“I am attaching Exhibit A, a very large bottle of Vitamin D capsules (with the brand name blacked out as I have no desire to buzz market the company that makes my vitamins) — something that was not in our home 3 years ago. However, within the past 2 years, my wife and I were both diagnosed with vitamin D deficiencies, and we are under doctor’s orders to take 2 of these pills every day. I believe that having more time off in the summer will help with that problem.”

From Jessie
“I tracked down a photo I took in the summer time that I sent to Jason while he was busy completing homework. I sent this to show him how much fun he was missing out on when I ended up picnicking in the lake with friends but not Jason.”


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