Episode 454: Live in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Theatre

Episode 454

19th February 2020

Live from DC! Sarah wants her volunteer EMT mom to stop responding to calls during their visits. Plus, Swift Justice and guests Linda Holmes and Brian Farrow!

Episode notes

This week’s episode was recorded LIVE in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Theatre.

First up, “Emergency You In Court.” Sarah files suit against her mother Susan. Susan is a volunteer EMT in a rural community. Sarah would like her mother to refrain from responding to emergency calls when Sarah is in town visiting. Susan feels a responsibility to respond to the calls whenever they come through.

Then, the judge and bailiff are joined by special guest Linda Holmes, of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, and author of Evvie Drake Starts Over. Together they’ll dispense Swift Justice on cases having to do with ordering a latte, scrambled pancakes, and confronting your neighbors. Plus music from Brian Farrow and a cameo by Washington DC’s own Jade Jones!

Here’s a video of one of Susan’s mini horses!


In this episode...


  • Jade Jones
  • Brian Farrow
  • Linda Holmes

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