Episode 40: The Abuse of Flower Power

Episode 40

2nd November 2011

Not in MY backyard! Julienne and Emily are neighbors and romantically involved. Julienne wants to add to her garden space using a particular flower that Emily detests. Emily has threatened to never cross the picket fence again if they are brought in. Who will win the war of the roses?

Episode notes

Julienne and Emily are neighbors, co-workers and romantically involved. They both have a live/work spaces set in urban surroundings that needed a little touch of flora.

Julienne wants to add the Mexican Daisy which she prefers because of its scent and simple beauty. Emily, not fond of the daisy or its odor at all, has refused to come over to Julienne’s if the daisy is planted.

Will Julienne need to create a daisy-free habitat? Will Emily have to wake up and smell the flowers? It’s the war of the roses that only one man can decide!


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Submitted by Julienne and Emily

Photos of their gardens, neighborhood and possibly stolen or misplaced plants


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