Episode 132: The (Immediate) Future of Television: Highlights from the TCA Press Tour

Episode 132

8th August 2018

In this episode- we dive deep into the latest news from the 2018 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. From the new offerings from Netflix and HBO, to the announcement of the return of Patrick Stewart as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series, we have all of the insider info!
Plus, Sean reviews Amita’s Big Sell of a new track from Chaka Khan and sells the music podcast that breaks down an album called Dissect.

Episode notes

If you love Television, our report on the 2018 TCA Summer Press Tour is a must!

This week, the TCA (Television Critics Association) gathered to hear all of the major networks break news with casting announcements, plot line revelations and promises that their new and returning shows will be the peak-iest in this era of Peak TV.

We discuss the highlights of the TCA tour and breakdown what all of this news means for the television industry, and for fans of the medium. We’ll answer all of your binge-worthy burning questions including:

What are the new shows creating the most buzz?
How much money is Netflix planning to spend on original programming next year?
What are the details about the new Game of Thrones spin-off?
Which series will end after this season?
Whether you’re geeking out over Sir Patrick Stewart’s return to the captain’s chair in Star Trek or cheering Alex Garland’s reboot of a classic miniseries, this episode is for you!

Plus in this week’s Big Sell – Sean loves Chaka Khan – but how does he feel about the new song Amita Big Sold last week? Plus find out why he is Big Selling a podcast that combines info about trills, Gregorian chants and Frank Ocean.

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