Episode 135: Music Matters: An Interview with Music Supervisor Matthew Hearon-Smith

Episode 135

19th September 2018

In this new episode, Sean talks to Music Supervisor Matthew Hearon-Smith, who has worked on award winning films “Tangerine” and “The Florida Project” and the various Viceland series including “My House”. We find out what exactly a Music Supervisor does, his collaboration with Director Sean Baker on films and how he chooses the perfect song to enhance a scene. Plus, we share some of the songs that have been featured in a film or TV show that no matter where you hear that song, you think of that moment. And Amita gives her rating and review of Sean’s Big Sell- Fantastic Negrito and sells a revealing and empowering interview with “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil.

Episode notes

Ever wonder how some of your favorite songs in films and TV shows are chosen? This week, Sean sits down with Music Supervisor Matthew Hearon-Smith, who has selected songs for the award winning films Tangerine and The Florida Project and also has curated the soundtracks for various television shows including Viceland’s My House. We discuss his process for finding the right song for the right moment and how he collaborates with directors and showrunners to create the mood for specific scenes.

Then, we share some of our top picks for popular songs that have been featured in films and TV programs that have been embedded in our brains ever since.

Plus, Amita gives her rating and review of Sean’s Big Sell- Fantastic Negrito’s latest album, Please Don’t Be Dead and big sells an honest and revealing interview from “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil about the standard of beauty that women have been held up to and how she’s trying to rise above to help women love themselves for who they are, as they are.


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Sense8‘s use of the song- “What’s Up?”

Blue Velvet’s use of the song – “In Dreams”

Blue Velvet’s use of the song – “Blue Velvet”

Captain Fantastic‘s use of the song- “Sweet Child o’Mine”

Little Miss Sunshine‘s use of the song- “Super Freak”

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