Episode 120: Westworld Season 2, My House on Viceland, Tribeca Film Festival 2018, Rhye

Episode 120

25th April 2018

This week, Sean gives his take on the season 2 premiere of Westworld and we discuss some of the films featured at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Then, Amita sits down with the Executive Producer of the new Viceland series, My House, which follows the lives of some of the talented performers in the New York City vogue ballroom scene (he also happens to be the co-host of this podcast). And of course, the Big Sell featuring Sean’s review of Rhye and his suggestion involves three interpretations of a Prince song.

Episode notes

On this episode, Sean discusses his thoughts and predictions about Westworld Season 2 and shares a helpful NYTimes Season 1 recap to refresh Amita’s memory on the sci-fi fantasy series. Then, Amita has an exclusive sit down with Sean about his latest project, the new Viceland follow doc series, My House which chronicles the lives of performers in the NYC vogue ballroom scene.

And the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival has started and we had the privilege to watch a couple of music focused documentaries- Howard and Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes.

Plus, Sean gives his 2 cents and rates last week’s Big Sell, an intimate NPR Tiny Desk Concert from the R&B/pop group, Rhye.

version of the song by Prince protege group – The Family

Sinead O’Connor’s famous cover

The newly released version of Prince & the Revolution preforming the song at a rehearsal

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