420: Madame Web, with Zhubin Parang

Episode 420

23rd March 2024

Her web connects them all. Except Spider-Man. You won’t see much Spider-Man. There’s a baby who’ll eventually be Spidey, tho.

Episode notes

We welcome our old friend Zhubin Parang back to the main feed after years of only joining us for our FlopTales RPG series (available as bonus content for Max Fun members: join here!) — and for such an auspicious return we had to pick an extra-special movie: Madame Web, which some have hailed as the “Cats” of superhero movies. Does it reach those heights? Who knows. But it’s surely the most enjoyably-silly of Sony’s Spider-Man without Spider-Man universe. We hope you enjoy it, and thanks to all who support us by becoming a member of Maximum Fun during this Max Fun Drive.

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Wikipedia page for Madame Web

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  • Zhubin Parang

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