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David Bizzaro has had a long and varied career in front of and behind the camera, but his newest role is Mochi on Netflix’s Waffles and Mochi’s Restaurant. Mochi is…well, a mochi. He talks a lot, but doesn’t say words. He’s a tiny pink ball. He’s friends with Michelle Obama. This week, David shares his journey into puppetry, his family background raised by an immigrant mother, seeing neurodiversity on screen, and more — through his shows, as well as The Man Who Fell to Earth and Andor.

The Jordan has one quick thing about the return of Jennifer Lawrence (not that she ever really went anywhere!).


With Jordan Crucchiola and David Bizzaro

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  • David Bizzaro

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On Feeling Seen, writer and general enthusiast Jordan Crucchiola invites filmmakers, writers, comedians, and artists to discuss the movie characters that made them “feel seen.” It’s about that instant when a person connects to a piece of art so deeply that they see themselves reflected in it. Every week Jordan gabs it up with a guest about those magical moments when they were watching a film and realized, “That’s me!” It’s an informative, funny, and comforting show about our intimate relationship with movies, the impact they have on our lives, and how they influence our art.

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