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A.V. Rockwell’s feature debut won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance earlier this year. Now it’s in theaters, and anyone who goes to see it won’t be able to miss the love and honesty in her depiction of New York City. So perhaps it’s not surprising that she brought us a character from another New York City coming-of-age movie (albeit about a different borough than her native Queens). It’s Troy, the young girl who sits at the center of Spike Lee’s 1994 movie, CROOKLYN.

Then Jordan has one quick thing about her beloved YELLOWJACKETS (season 1 spoiler alert!).


With Jordan Crucchiola and A.V. Rockwell

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  • A.V. Rockwell

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On Feeling Seen, writer and general enthusiast Jordan Crucchiola invites filmmakers, writers, comedians, and artists to discuss the movie characters that made them “feel seen.” It’s about that instant when a person connects to a piece of art so deeply that they see themselves reflected in it. Every week Jordan gabs it up with a guest about those magical moments when they were watching a film and realized, “That’s me!” It’s an informative, funny, and comforting show about our intimate relationship with movies, the impact they have on our lives, and how they influence our art.

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