We Changed Our Minds… Maybe

Episode 100

13th January 2022

Jarrett and Tre’vell are celebrating episode 100 by reflecting on seven of their most controversial episodes and discussing if whether they still feel the same way about each topic.

Episode notes

Episode Summary:  

Jarrett and Tre’vell are reflecting on some of the controversial topics they have dropped over the last 100 episodes, wondering if they still feel the same way about topics cancel culture and boycotting, Wendy Williams, and mediocre Black art. Plus Jarrett and Tre’vell want to know your thoughts, so they are announcing some of the heated, but real discussions they are excited about having in 2022. 

Episode Notes:

Here is a list of the episodes that were discussed: 

  • Episode 1: Kevin Hart
  • Episode 2: Why You’re Wrong About Gayle King and Kobe Bryant
  • Episode 6: Tyler Perry and the MCU: Madea Cinematic Universe
  • Episode 7: We Love Mo’Nique For Real
  • Episode 14: Baby Got Back Fat (ft. Jessica Rihal and Kevin Carnell)
  • Episode 17: Bland AF: The Importance of Representation in Appreciating Mediocre Black
  • Episode 72: Boycotts & Cancel Culture

 Also, Jarrett joined Jesse Thorn on Bullseye to discuss Winston Duke’s performances in Black Panther and Nine Days. Check out the episode that dropped on Jan. 7.


Black History Is Happening Everyday

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for best performance by an actress in “Pose,” becoming the first trans person to win the honor. 


DIS/Honorable Mentions 

HM: Royal Match needs to stop doing two things: releasing wack advertising and playing with Jarrett’s emotions . . . with that said, the video game is addictive. 

HM: Before completing 100 episodes with Tre’vell, Jarrett successfully completed 100 episodes with his first podcast co-host Tatiana Burton. 

DM: Ayesha Curry said that it was disrespectful for people to claim that she has an open marriage with Steph Curry.

HM: Trace Lysette dropped a podcast titled, “Harsh Reality,” which recounts the story of the first Trans reality star.  

HM:  Wendy Raquel Robinson did that good acting in her Season 1 finale performance in Paramount Plus’ reboot of “The Game.” 


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