Swipe Fright: Online Dating

Episode 92

4th November 2021

Online dating can be entertaining, sexy, and/or down right painful, and yes, Tre’vell and Jarrett’s experiences have run the gamut. They don’t mind sharing the details of their past experiences as they discuss what it has been like using the popular dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, Adam4Adam and even the sometimes forgotten Craigslist–shout out to those who found their mate on there. 

Episode notes

Episode Summary:  

Jarrett and Tre’Vell have been on Grindr, Scruff, Hinge, Jack’d, Tinder, Adam4Adam, and more dating sites, which means they have opinions! This episode they get into the good, the bad and the unswipeable foolishness of online dating. From profile no-nos to Craigslist hook-ups (when that was a thing), they cover it ALL.

Episode Notes:

If you are looking for more episodes to listen to after this one, check out Jarrett’s guest appearance on Bullseye’s Episode Tamron Hall. Tre’vell makes a mention of Kenneth Petty, and for all those that forgot, Petty is Nicki Minaj’s husband, and he sexually assaulted Jennifer Hough. Listen to our Episode 87, Dear Old Nicki, WTF (ft. Gerrick Kennedy), and learn more.  


Pass the Popcorn

The press has been raving that Season 2 of HBO Max’s Love Life is all about Black love because it focuses on Marcus Watkins (played by William Jackson Harper), a young Black man that has grown tired of dating apps. Starting to notice a theme? Because Season 2 is so Black-love centered, we are jumping into the conversation. 


Black History Is Happening Every Day


Malcolm Kenyatta is a Democrat serving as Member of the House for Philadelphia County’s District 181 whose work inspired this little boy to dress up as him for Halloween. 


DIS/Honorable Mentions 


HM: Although released in 2017, great albums stay great, so go check out Leikeli47’s Wash & Set.

HM: Fred Hammond is a part of a gospel collection titled, Sunday Morning, and Jarrett LOVES Hammond’s Way Back When

HM: Check out the artist Sevndeep

HM: Tarana Burke’s book, Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too, is a great listen for audiobook lovers. 


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