Episode 1: Eurovision 101

Episode 1

18th January 2024

A guide to the Eurovision Song Contest by three Americans who desperately want Eurovision to catch on Stateside.

Episode notes

It’s the very first episode of Eurovangelists, the Eurovision podcast that aims to make a fan out of you, someone who has never heard of Eurovision. We’ll tell you all about the history of the ESC, how we got into it, and everything you might need to know to watch your very first Eurovision with confidence and gusto. Welcome to Europe’s biggest party!

The companion playlist for this week’s episode: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/21TlDsY3r30BY0wabjIGec?si=294842be6a614dbb

The Eurovangelists are Jeremy Bent, Oscar Montoya and Dimitry Pompee.

The theme was arranged and recorded by Cody McCorry and Faye Fadem, and the logo was designed by Tom Deja.

Production support for this show was provided by the Maximum Fun network.

Audio mixing help was courtesy of Shane O’Connell.

Find us on social media, or send us an email at eurovangelists@gmail.com. Also follow the Eurovangelists account on Spotify and check out our playlists of Eurovision hits, competitors in upcoming national finals, and companion playlists to every single episode, including this one!

In this episode...

About the show

What has more pomp, spectacle, and sequins than the Olympics, Wrestlemania, and RuPaul’s Drag Race combined? The Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s yearly competition to determine which country has the best original song. It’s an extraordinary live musical showdown in which Europe’s most dynamic singers put it all on the line in the name of national pride. And Eurovangelists, a hilarious podcast about all things Eurovision, is here to help you get in on the fun!

Each week, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the contest that gave us ABBA, Celine Dion, and a turkey puppet singing on behalf of Ireland. Join superfans Dimitry Pompée, Oscar Montoya, and Jeremy Bent as we get entirely too excited about the latest Eurovision news, argue about which song should win this year, and explore the most inspiring, bizarre, and hilarious stories from the Contest’s start in 1956 all the way to today. Whether you’re a long-time Eurovision fan or completely new to it, we’ll make you into a Eurovangelist too!


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