Stephanie Wittels Wachs and the Pain and Frustration of Watching Addiction Happen

Episode 13

14th June 2021

The host of Last Day joins John Moe to talk about what the two of them have in common: brothers who struggled with addiction and are no longer alive.

Episode notes

Hi, folks. John Moe here. I knew about Stephanie Wittels Wachs for quite a while before I met her but correctly figured I’d get to know her one of these days. That’s because our stories have an awful lot of overlap. We’re both writer, we both host podcasts, I live in the Twin Cities and her company, Lemonada, is based here, and most importantly, we both lost our brothers. Lost them twice, really. First to addiction, at which they became different people. Someone in the grip of an addiction exists to get more of the substance and their personal relationships are secondary to that. From there, I lost my brother Rick to suicide, Steph lost her brother, the well-known and successful comedy writer Harris Wittels to an overdose. 

Looking back on it, I think I was nervous to read what she had written about Harris because I’d be overwhelmed.  

And yes, we finally did meet up and became instant friends. And I read what she wrote, of course, and I was comforted by the similarities and the differences. Mostly, I was comforted that in this hell of grief and loss, I was able to find someone in the same kind of hell. Someone who could say, “Man, it’s so hot!”

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