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41% of people are planning to quit their jobs in the next three months. 41%!

We first tackled the topic of employee burnout a year ago and much has happened since then: a bunch of variants, restrictions being lifted and reset, and an event known as The Great Resignation, where more people have quit their jobs than ever before.

And now we’re starting to see the effects of prolonged work-from-home jobs and from employers who are doing little or nothing to address burnout. We’re seeing a blurring of lines between job and life, an old work system we’re never going back to, and people who just can’t take it anymore. They’re quitting their jobs, often with no new job to go to, because they are flat out done.

What about you? How can you detect burnout and what can you do to solve it? How much of it is even yours to solve and what should fall to your boss. And where do we go from here?

Jennifer Moss is a burnout expert who fought burnout herself when writing her book, The Burnout Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Stress and How We Can Fix It. She tells us about innovative approaches that companies like HP are taking and how other employers are giving out football tickets and hoping for the best.

Visit Jennifer Moss’ website here. Get your copy of her book, The Burnout Epidemic, wherever books are sold. Follow her on Twitter @JenLeighMoss.

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