It’s Not You, It’s The World: Covid, Mental Health, and What Comes Next

Episode 41

27th December 2021

A look at how the ongoing pandemic is affecting us, how we’re going to carry it in the future, and why you can be hopeful

Episode notes

There is plenty of information coming out of the CDC about COVID that has nothing to do with actual viruses in droplets. America’s mental health condition is not really good right now, with rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation measuring way, way above how they were before the pandemic. Once the virus is contained and the worst of the threat has passed, we won’t be out of the woods. We’ll just be entering a different kind of woods. In this week’s episode, a talk about how complex trauma from a period such as this is likely to affect us in the long term. Short answer: it’s going to get nasty. At the same time, we are well positioned to talk to each other, share sympathy, and share kindness because of modern technology and because of a growing openness in society to talk about mental health challenges.

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