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Andy Daly is a comedian, actor, and podcaster. He starred on the Comedy Central series “Review” and was a supporting actor on HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” as well as a cast member on “MadTV.”

Like many people, Andy has a yard at his home and is thus charged with the task of taking care of it. To do this, he sets aside about half a day per week, although that day varies because Andy’s weekly schedule is somewhat erratic.

Andy Daly’s yard has some day lilies, which he does not particularly enjoy, and some olive trees. Andy likes olives but finds the process of turning an olive from his own tree into an olive he can eat to be pretty challenging because it turns out it takes several steps. Once when he was a boy, his parents gave him some olives as a birthday present because they knew how much he liked olives and they thought it would be funny. Andy didn’t think it was all that funny but they gave him other gifts too so don’t worry. He thinks it would be hard to kill someone with a weed whacker but he’s willing to speculate on how that might happen.

He hopes you sleep well and have pleasant dreams.

Hey Sleepy Heads, is there anyone whose voice you’d like to drift off to, or do you have suggestions on things we could do to aid your slumber?

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