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Our dead pilot this month is Birthright written by Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central, Conan). We recorded this one live from SF Sketchfest! Birthright is based in part on Joel’s real life. This outrageous and raw pilot centers on Joel Miller. Adopted by white, Midwestern evangelical parents, Joel “knew he was gay before he knew he was Asian”. When he has a falling out with his adoptive parents, he goes in search of his birth mother. He assumes she is in Korea, but finds that the truth is way more interesting…

Before the table read, listen to Ben interview Joel about what he learned during his many rounds of development on this pilot for both Fox and Comedy Central. 
Come catch our live show at Dynasty Typewriter on February 10th at 2pm. We’ll be reading scripts from Billy Finnegan (Grace & Frankie), Colleen McGuiness (30 Rock) and Johanna Stein (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny)!

Our cast so far includes Noel Wells (Master of None), Nichole Bloom (Superstore), David Walton (New Girl), Mo Collins ( F is For Family), Brad Morris ( Seeking A Friend For The End of The World), Ian Gomez (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and more!!


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In this episode...


  • Joel Kim Booster as Joel
  • Keiko Agena as Sarah Kim
  • Guy Branum as Guy
  • Tawny Newsome as Sonia
  • Lucy Davis as Esther Kim
  • Alice Wetterlund as Nancy
  • Atsuko Okatsuka as Marcy 
  • Carla Cackowski as Janet
  • Craig Cackowski as Gay Cop/Driver
  • Will Choi as Mark/Finance Bro/Drug User/Chip Hearts
  • Irene Tu as Ruthie

About the show

In Dead Pilots Society, scripts that were developed by studios and networks but were never produced are given the table reads they deserve. Starring actors you know and love from television and film, a live audience, and a good time in which no one gets notes, no one is fired, and everyone laughs. Presented by Andrew Reich (Friends; Worst Week) and Ben Blacker (The Writers Panel podcast; co-creator, Thrilling Adventure Hour).

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