Benny Safdie

12th January 2024

Benny Safdie has done work on both sides of the camera. He’s starred in movies like Oppenheimer and co-written and directed films like Uncut Gems. Recently, he co-created and starred in a new series called The Curse. It’s a very intense show that runs from stomach-flipping cringe to stomach-flipping actual genuine terror. Benny joins us to talk about The Curse and how it all came together. Plus, we get into his time as a stand-up comedian.

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You might have seen Benny Safdie in movies like Oppenheimer and Licorice Pizza. You might have also seen the movies he’s made. He and his brother co-wrote and directed Uncut Gems and Good Time, among others.

Safdie is full of a sort of irrepressible energy. But not always happy light-up-the-room energy. Sometimes a kind of antsy, uncomfortable energy. Or a quiet intensity that can seem almost threatening.

His show The Curse radiates vibes from the weirder, edgier end of that spectrum. Safdie created it with another master of the disquieting, Nathan Fielder. The emotional palette of The Curse runs from stomach-flipping cringe to stomach flipping actual genuine terror.

It’s about a couple who do house-flipping. It’s supposed to be eco-friendly, almost altruistic. And they’re trying to get a TV show off the ground about their work. The show stars both Safdie and Fielder, as well as Emma Stone. 

Benny Safdie joins us to talk about The Curse and how the show came together. Plus, he shares his thoughts on reality television and why he finds it so interesting.

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