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Have you ever wondered what your ink says about you, or pondered the delicate dance between tattoos and personal identity? This time around, I sit with Aaron Davis, a standout self-taught artist and a fierce competitor from Ink Master Season 15. From his profound Afro-Americana style to the beats that shape our lives, this episode peels back the skin of the tattoo community. 


We’re marking our journey with a colorful palette of experiences, including Aaron’s evolution from a children’s book illustrator to a tattoo industry innovator. As he narrates coining the term “Afro-Americana” style, it’s evident that pushing beyond the status quo isn’t just about art; it’s about representation and building a community where Black culture is not just seen but celebrated. Along the way, we exchange tales of the tattoo world’s changing attitudes, the demand for respect and inclusivity, and how tattoos have transitioned from taboos to empowering personal declarations.




-Music Preferences and Relationship Impact

-Building a Community of Black Artists

-Tattoo Perceptions Changing in Black Community

-Appreciating and Tattooing Black Skin

-Showcasing Afro-American Style and Identity

-Chinese and Arabic Tattoos

-Opinions on Red Ink Tattoos

-Discussion on Mike Tyson’s Face Tattoo 

-Black People and Tattoo Artists’ Appreciation


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A humorous podcast about the seemingly random, underrepresented interests of different niches of Black people! Episode topics include Paramore, anime, astrology, Tony Hawk, UNO and more. We hope to help Black people feel scene… get it? New episodes every other Thursday. Hosted by Sequoia Holmes. Theme song by prod.joelteon. Cover artwork by Pedro Fequiere.


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