Judge John Hodgman Episode 151: Sic Semper Dramatis


Will wants his brother Andrew to stop making scenes and acting like a reality TV star in public. NOTE: Some occasional bad language in this episode.

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Thank you!

As a gay man whose flame burns bright (and always has), I was moved to tears of happiness when Judge Hodgman said, "You're great, Andrew. Keep being you." I can't count the number of times that I've been told that I'm "acting too gay", or something of that ilk. To know that boys like Andrew are out there, and are being encouraged to be themselves is incredibly refreshing to me. It's even more amazing to me that it's happening in my lifetime. Thank you Andrew and Will for coming on the show.

Straight Man

This episode made me laugh a LOT. I think the people in the grocery store were wondering what I was doing.

William needs to embrace being the straight man to his brother...it would amplify the comedy 1000x.

Channeling Lance Loud

Honey, Andrew should do the Lance Loud biopic.


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Fabergé Ties

Definitely available on eBay for decent prices, unless the tie in question was something really rare.


I saw several listed also, for between $25-$100....buy one for your brother!


Really loved the "click" between JJHo and Andrew....obviously the Judge as an only child never had an annoying sibling! He really missed out.

Look at me, look at meeeeee

Andrew's "pay attention to me" personality would be exhausting to be around long term. I found it a bit much just in that short episode. I agree with his brother; he needs to tone it down.

Hands down, favorite episode.

Loved, loved LOVED this episode.


This episode was wonderful! I wish Andrew all the beest in the wonderful life he's leading!


I'm so glad that JHo called BS on the chicken thing.

But more importantly, this case seemed suspicious. It sounds less like a legitimate case than it did an audition reel for the next season of the A-List. I question the authenticity of this whole episode.

Fabrege Ties

Plenty for sale on EBay at reasonable prices. Tie up, Will!


Actually, my brother has never called me a strumpet at all. I appreciate him for that.


I'm confused. My brother is gay, and he has never called me a vile strumpet while waiting in line. Andrew just seems like a madman.