Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development and The Larry Sanders Show Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor has spent more than 30 years as an actor. A native of San Francisco, he started in television in the 1970s, and his career has followed a simple track since: he plays important authority figures (doctors, lawyers, judges) and self-important pseudo-authority figures. He portrayed the sweet, sad, hilariously self-centered sidekick Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show in the 1990s, and this decade played the patriarch of the Bluth family on Arrested Development. In addition to his work as an actor, he's also a teacher, having worked for many years alongside late legendary acting teacher Milton Katselas. He teaches regular classes and workshops in Los Angeles, including one March 21st at the American Film Institute.

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Stellar interview, Jesse. I would not have expected any less. Mr. Tambor was warm and sincere. The more I listen to your shows, the more you are making me want to move to California...Not sure how or why, being a Canuck and all, but the sun and surf are a tantalizing thought in the middle of February when it's 40 below (that's Celsius).KellyBelly