David Malki ! Creator of "Wondermark" Interview on The Sound of Young America


David Malki ! (who really spells his name with an exclamation mark) is the creator of the comic strip Wondermark. He isolates woodcuts and engravings from 19th century periodicals, then alters them to create a surreal and hilarious gag strip. His first collection of the strip is called "Beards of Our Forefathers," and features extensive context for the strips, including faux advertisements and more.

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Downloading the interview at

Downloading the interview at this moment. I'm a huge fan of Mr Malki!, been reading his works since I was a toddler.
He's also been an inspiration for my motivational posters website where I create humorous posters for the masses.

I wish I had an exclamation

I wish I had an exclamation point after my name! An exclamation point after your name gives you a comic character "like" name. It sounds more exciting. It really takes a name from first gear and shifts it into fifth gear. I will have to check out Malki!'s "Beards of Our Forefathers". It sounds hilarious.