Podcast: Ze Frank Live in New York City

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Ze Frank is the creator and... host(?) of zefrank.com, a remarkable collection of toys, ideas and vlogs. His year-long video blog project, The Show, is widely considered the pinnacle of the form. In the show, he urged listeners to dress their vacuum cleaners in people clothes, to make a sandwich out of the earth by placing slices of bread at opposite sids of the globe, and much more.

All our videos for this show were shot by Benjamin Ahr Harrison, a New-York based videographer. You can find him online at badcharacter.com. Thanks, Ben! Our audio was captured by Jeff Solomon.

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Hey Jesse, I've got an interview suggestions (request?) - not that your show seems to be hurting for ideas or anything, but if you don't interview Steven Stein aka Steinski, then I can't think of anyone else who will. He recently put out a collection of his work in a double-cd package, and has some recent live collaborations with Double Dee for sale cheap from his website. Double Dee and Steinski, being not precisely hip-hop and not really electronica, have never really gotten their due outside of the dj community (among which I do not count myself, I'm just a big ass music geek).Steinski's got a blog at steinski.com and is really easy to get a hold of. Plus, he's an extremely opinionated and, seemingly, very nice guy.