Podcast: Singer-Songwriter Nellie McKay


Nellie McKay is a singer-songwriter who's been acclaimed for her rich singing voice and her wry, funny songs. On record and on stage, her performances seem to straddle the decades, with a distinct contemporary political bent and a fair bit of goofiness thrown in besides. She demonstrated both in our interview, and pulled out her ukelele to perform a few songs.

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Could you have flirted with her anymore? That was incredibly uncomfortable to listen to.

Aw, I didn't notice that. But she's so damn talented, funny and pretty (as I see now, in the photo included in this post) that I wouldn't have been able to work the mics, softwares, keyboard, mice and whatever else is used to make podcasts.

jeez anonymous!I loved the show - one of my favorites. that nelly's a doozie & jesse held his own, plus some. if, by some chance he (the non-homosexual) got a date out of the repartee - he deserved it.

I'm spoken for, bk :).