Podcast: The Wire's Bubbles and Bunk: Andre Royo and Wendell Pierce

Andre Royo
Wendell Pierce

Jesse is joined by Wendell Pierce ("Bunk," above) and Andre Royo ("Bubbles") from HBO's brilliant crime drama The Wire. The Wire isn't just another cop show -- it's an investigation of contemporary urban America that uses the drug trade as a lens to get at even larger issues. Royo and Pierce discuss what its like to authentically portray urban life, and whether a white writer can capture the largely black experience of inner-city urban life in Baltimore.

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I cannot wait to get home tonight and give this a listen!!!!

Jesse, great choices!I mirror jtothai's sentiments, replacing "home tonight" with "work tomorrow"Long live Hamsterdam.

congratulations jesse. this interview is epic.

Yeah, this one I'll listen to more than once. I can only imagine that it was a pleasure interviewing two guests that are so well spoken./johan

Great interview! Wendell and Andre both gave really thoughtful answers to your questions and it was a treat to listen to.

Fantastic interview!