Podcast: Andrew W.K.


Rock & roll star Andrew W.K. is an old friend of The Sound of Young America. His propulsive, almost absurdly anthemic songs are the official soundtrack of The New Sincerity, and have blown listeners' minds around the world. Combining the intensity of the hardest hardcore with an unquenchable thirst for good times, Andrew is a unique and remarkable dude.

Andrew's most recent album, Close Calls with Brick Walls, was released last year in Asia, and will be released in a special vinyl-only edition in the United States soon.

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From the Archive:
Santa Cruz, You're Not That Far with Andrew W.K.

(above: Andrew with Brendan Thorn of Total Annihilation)

Note: In a portion of this show, Andrew discusses his experience with a substance popularly called Salvia. He's describing his own personal experience, and I ask that you please not interpret his description as either an endorsement on the part of the show or on the part of Andrew.

Indeed, a listener writes in: "In your latest episode, Andrew W.K. spoke about an experience he had smoking salvia... I tried it myself and had an ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE. Luckily, there were no ambulances or police involved, but this is only due to the intervention of a good friend. Scant research will show you that SALVIA IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE. I would not want anyone to go through what I went through last night, and just wanted to pass that along to you. If I were you I would add some kind of warning to this particular episode, just for the benefit of your listeners (like me), telling them to use EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with this substance, and to do some research about it before deciding to try it. "

As many listeners know from discussions on Jordan, Jesse GO!, I choose not to use any mind-altering substances, including alcohol, so I'm particularly sensitive to this issue. Please make your own, informed choices and be mindful of your health and the law.


salvia is not dangerous. it's strange and scary, but there isn't an incidence of injury, brain damage, or hospitalization connected to it's usage - even after all these years of it being around.

listening to andrew's experience on salvia was really amazing to me. having experienced it twice, and having a similar, yet personalized experience both times, it made me want to try it again in order to better understand the perspective.interesting.