Podcast: Live in New York 2


Last month, The Sound of Young America recorded two broadcasts live at the PIT in New York City. This is the second of those programs.

Our first guest, Andres du Bouchet, is an accomplished stand-up comic whose show "Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There Is A Game" is a New York City favorite. He's also been on Conan O'Brien and Cheap Seats, and was a featured player on I Love the 30s. He offered our listeners "So You've Been Turned," a guide to acclimating to your new life as a vampire.

Our second guests, Elephant Larry, are a long-time Sound of Young America favorite. Their sketch parodied "8 Mile," and it's worth noting that they all wore funny sea-faring hats.

Then our relatively new friend Jonathan Coulton came through and performed three winning songs. First he played, "The Future Soon," a song written from the perspective of a love-lorn 12-year-old nerd. Then he performed a winning cover of the Sir-Mix-A-Lot classic "Baby Got Back," and closed with a charming song written from the perspective of a zombie businessman. You can download each song in his performance seperately here.

We closed with an interview with Kurt Andersen. Before Kurt became a novelist and the host of Public Radio International's excellent Studio 360, he founded the seminal satirical magazine Spy. The magazine's business was mocking the media, financial and Hollywood elite in an era before such irreverence was ubiquitous.

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Top Photo by Anya Garrett of SketchArtists.net

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I dug the show, man. It was great. Of course, I'll love any show that has three JoCo songs in it, but even if you take them out, it's solidly good.Listening to your interview with Kurt Andersen, I was reminded of a book I got when I was 12 for Christmas about pop culture during the Reagan Years and I had to recommend it to you. It's called "The Clothes Have No Emperor" by Paul Slansky and the book still holds up almost 2 decades later. I've always dreamed I could do a Bush-style version after he leaves office.It's out of print, but it is findable and really cheap. I think someone on Amazon is selling it for a penny plus shipping.

This was SO great. I listened to it on the bus on the way home from a Christmas dinner and I was laughing out loud all the way.

Thanks anonymous!