Podcast: Grind Time with Killer Mike


This week on The Sound of Young America, we go on the grind.

Grammy-winning rapper Killer Mike is a native of Adamsville, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. Since debuting on the Outkast single "The Whole World" in 2001, he has emerged from the shadow of his legendary mentors, combining a ferocious delivery with lyrical density in a manner reminiscent of Ice Cube in his hey-day. He recently released "I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind," a two-CD "street album" with his crew, Grind Time Rap Gang.

Please note: we had a little phone trouble 2/3 of the way through and Mike had to go on speakerphone, apologies for any audio quality issues.

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Wow. That was a fantastic interview. He didn't give you much time to get into more questions, but he was very candid and open about what you did ask. Mike just seemed like a very likable apper who's pretty self-aware of his place in music and in a social context, which is something most musicians, much less rappers, can't say.And damn, you played a lot of bangers on the show. I hadn't heard anything he's done since Monster, and I'm gonna at least download that new album to see if it's worthy of buying.

I HIGHLY reccomend both The Killer Mixtape and I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind. Also the two Purple Ribbon mixtapes from last year. IPATTG has a lot of Mike's crew on it, but they're pretty talented.

Great show. Hearing him talk about his relationship with his mom was really interesting. I've always intended on checking out more of his stuff, and I guess now's a good time.

Dirty South stand up. Killer Kill from the 'Ville doin his thang. Mike, Thanks for showing that young Black males aren't just ignorant, rap-obsessed psuedo gangsters. Tell Big Boi to get it together. What's good with Ghetto Extraordinary?

really great interview.listen to what he's sayin!inspiration in an interview.thank you!-david

At first I was thinking, one hour with just one guest? Am I going to want to listen to this whole thing? But damn, that was a fast hour. I am still processing it all. Amazing, totally interesting. I really feel like I learned something and gained some perspective I didn't have before. Easily one of the best SOYA interviews I have heard.

Thanks Anon. I felt like the interview really needed the music... and then I felt like I didn't want to cut half of the interview to drop the music in. Ergo, a full hour.

Wow. I like TSOYA and the few Killer Mike tracks I've heard but I was blown away to how good this is. This is the type of radio that I think is an essential listen for everybody who still gives a damn about whats going down in the country.