John Mulaney Loves It


Brightest Comedy Mind? PERHAPS.

Nagging Rabbit Channel


From Conan

Amy Sedaris on Letterman


A) This is my favorite thing in the world.
B) I am so excited to interview Amy again on Friday night.
C) This show with Amy and Jimmy Carr is one of my favorite middle-period Sound episodes.

Nick Swardson's How Do I Know You?

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Nick Swardson is one of the funniest comics in America, and his new show Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, on Comedy Central, is something I'm really excited about. Nick was a guest on The Sound once, many years ago, but it looks like it may have been lost to the sands of time. Nice guy.

Above: a very NSFW sketch from the show, featuring the very funny Brian Huskey of Naked Babies.

A Tribute to the Slipnutz


One of the dumbest/greatest things ever.

TMZ: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Past Sound guest Charlyne Yi is a wonderfully talented and big-hearted lady who just got run over by the bullshit train that is TMZ. Willfully misleading, gross and creepy is what this is. Watch the video for Charlyne's explanation.

Seriously: people who were involved in this... how do you live with yourselves? Do you think this is funny? God this is gross.

Keep your head up, Charlyne, you're a class act all the way.

Below: the great/actual video Charlyne made for Oxfam:

Dave Holmes' It Gets Better

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Our pal Dave Holmes adds to the It Gets Better project. A class act through and through.

Jonathan Ames, Creator of Bored to Death: Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Jonathan Ames

Jonathan Ames is an acclaimed essayist and novelist. He's also the creator of the HBO series Bored to Death, which returns with its second season on September 26th. The show stars Jason Schwartzman as a struggling writer named Jonathan Ames who decides to supplement his income by moonlighting as a detective. His closest compatriots are Ted Danson, as a marijuana-obsessed magazine editor and past TSOYA guest Zach Galifianakis as a sad-sack comic artist.

Jack Hannah on Letterman, 2005


My new thing is watching Jack Hannah clips from Letterman.

I highly recommend watching the clip above, which was shared on the forum by GloriousKyle.

Even more than that, though, I recommend watching Thursday's show online. The whole thing's great, including the musical performance by a wonderful country singer I'd never heard named Jamey Johnson, but if you want to cut straight to the animals, fast forward to the second dot on the timeline. Then watch, and laugh like you've never laughed before.

If I ever get a talk show, I want it to be all demonstrations. Cooking segments, animals... fuck celebrities. Just all dumb stuff, all the time.

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