Stop Podcasting Yourself 306 - Paul Myrehaug

Paul Myrehaug

Paul Myrehaug returns to talk about his many Disney visits, bottomless fries, and the final installment of Lessons Learned From Flex Magazine.

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A Perfect World


Circus high diving

Jai Alai

Chilled monkey brains

Horse chips

Body painting

Towering Onion Rings

Cool Hip Dip

We have to go back!

Lee Trevino

Babies & Bachelors USA


High Dive

I have seen one of those circus high dives. It wasn't as ridiculous as the one pictured, but it was still pretty amazing. He dove from what seemed like twice that height (head first!) into a pool about the depth of a smallish above ground pool (so 3-4 feet deep I guess). Basically he just made an amazing U-Turn as soon as he hit the water. Also, there was some unintended additional drama because a bee hive had formed at near the top so he was swatting away bees from his face while preparing for his dive. Pretty great!

Dutchie in Canada

The shark stomach is from Iceland. I saw that Anthony Bourdain episode - Yuck!!

Headphone movie

Where in the world do my beats by dre go?

Hi SPY, I live in Holland

Hi SPY, I live in Holland I've never heard of this shark stomach thing you were going on about. Are you sure it is Dutch?

Maybe it isn't yet, but now's

Maybe it isn't yet, but now's your chance to get a fermented shark stomach business up and running before tourists flood into the Netherlands looking for it.

Shark Stomach

It's actually an Icelandic dish where shark meat is buried in gravel then hung to dry.

Of course not. It's

Of course not. It's well-documented that these guys are habitual liars. Funny, for sure, but usually mostly just harmless lies.

I think it's actually an

I think it's actually an Icelandic thing, so maybe he meant Denmark rather than the Netherlands?