Stop Podcasting Yourself 239 - Shlomo McPeake

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Shlomo McPeake

Comedian/boxer Shlomo McPeake joins us this week to talk about, well, boxing, as well as local weirdos and Breaking Amish.

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Buffalo Stance

Hanukkah Harry

Tommy Gunn

Don Muraco eating a sandwich during a match

Gold Digger

Ex-Wives Rock

Breaking Amish

Crank Dat

The Comedy Shaq

Rocky's proposal

The Space Jam website

That Butterbean game

Dusty Rhodes

The Ropers

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Graham's Werewolf Theory

The werewolf-menstrual connection was made explicit in the classic low-budget Canadian horror film Ginger Snaps:

And now that you've been traumatized by that clip, you're welcome.