Trends Like These

Trends Like These is a weekly round-up of what's trending on social media and all over the internet. We'll prepare you to chat around the water cooler about celeb Twitter beefs, mysteriously colored dresses, flat Earth, Starbucks cups and so much more! We'll dig past the clickbait headlines to try to get to the real story! Brought to you every Friday by Travis McElroy, Brent Black and Courtney Enlow. We're real life friends talking 'bout internet trends!

InspiroBot, Potter House Quiz, Travel Ban, Cosby Tour, Anonymous vs. Nasa, Google Fine, 1984, Ten Commandments, UK Election Grenfell Fire, CNN, Time Cover, Huckabee Sanders Vs. Playboy, Trump Vs. Morning Joe, GOP Healthcare Bill

Dave Bulmer

INTRO: 0:25
Harry Potter House Quiz
Bevs Like These


Travel Ban Reinstated
Cosby Tour
Google Fined
1984 Production
10 Commandments Monument

UK Corner: 38:45

Election Follow-Up
Grenfell Tower Fire

CNN 1:05:19

Retraction and Resignation
Project Veritas Video


Trumps Time Cover
Sara Huckabee Sanders Vs. Playboy
Donald Trump Vs. Morning Joe
Republican Healthcare Bill Update

WI-FIVE 1:46:01

OUTRO 1:48:15

Ken Doll, Cosby Mistrial, Voter Info, Gal Gadot Wage Gap, Philando Castile, Sessions Hearing, Sean Spicer, Republican Healthcare Bill


Intro: 00:24
Happy to Hear Your Voice

Bevs Like These

BTH: 03:00

Ken Doll

Cosby Mistrial

Voter Info Left Vulnerable

Wonder Woman Pay Gap: 24:19

Philando Castile's Killer Goes Unpunished: 37:46

Politics Round Up: 48:06

Sessions Hearing

Spicer Position Change

Republican Healthcare Bill

Wi-Five: 1:20:30

Outro: 1:22:27

Melania/Barron Move In, E3, The Tonys, Caesar, Comey Testimony, The Babadook, Abercrombie & Fitch

Rachel Stine

Intro: 1:58

Bevs Like These

Melania/Barron Move In: 4:58

E3 (With Rachel Stine): 10:58

The Tonys: 30:31

Julius Caesar: 44:31

Comey Testimony (With Rachel Stine): 1:01:00

Pride Month:

The Babadook Becomes a Gay Icon: 1:16:20

Abercrombie & Fitch Tweet: 1:24:20

Wi-Five: 1:34:10

Outro: 1:36:07

Comey Testimony, Apple Keynote, Google AI, Cosby Trial, UK Election, Reza Aslan, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Trump/Khan Feud, Travel Ban Twitter Rant, Eric Trump (Hannity Interview/Charity Money), NSA Leak/Russian Election Hacking


Intro: 0:25-8:25
Comey Testimony
Bevs Like These

BTH: 8:30-25:50
Apple Keynote
Google AI
Cosby Trial (Warning: References to Sexual Assault)

UK Election: 25:57-49:42

Reza Aslan, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin: 50:52- 1:10:08

Trumpdate: 1:10:11-2:00:57
-Trump/Khan Feud
-Travel Ban REDUX
-Eric Trump
--Sean Hannity Appearance
--Funneled Money Meant for Children’s Cancer Charity Back To Trump Organization
-NSA Leak/Russian Hacking

Wi-Five of the Week 2:01:03-2:02:17

Outro 2:02:21

Sports Writer, Sexuality Study, Frank Lloyd Wright, Philippines President, Macron/Trump, Wonder Woman, Fidget Spinners, Avocado Toast Revisited, Politics Round Up

Sara Benincasa

Intro: 00:23-07:26

Bevs Like These, Twin Peaks pt 2, The Keepers

Beyond the Headlines: 07:32-27:27

Sportswriter Fired, Sexuality Study, Frank Lloyd Wright House, Philippines President, Macron/Trump Handshake

Wonder Woman Screening (w/ Sara Benincasa) 27:31-42:01

Fidget Spinners: 43:00-56:35

Avocado Toast Revisited: 56:39-1:07:49

Politics Round Up: 1:07:52-1:31:51

Covfefe, Kushner/Russia Back Channel, Cory Booker, Trump's Healthcare Tweet, Paris Accord

Wi-Five: 1:31:57-1:33:04

Outro: 1:33:11

Sea Lion, Top Gun, Turkish Ambassador, Amazon Bookstore, Texting Date, Neil Gaiman, Net Neutrality, Romphim, Avocado Toast, Trumpdate

Hrishikesh Airway
Maureen Johnson
Hal Lublin

Intro: 0:24-4:44
Travis is Solo
Bevs Like These
Twin Peaks:The Return Review

Beyond the Headlines (with Hal Lublin): 4:50-32:53
Sea Lion Attack
Top Gun Sequel
Protesters Attacked By Turkish Security Force
Amazon Bookstore
Lawsuit Over Texting Date
Neil Gaiman Will Read the Cheesecake Factory Menu for Charity

Last Week Round-Up (with Hrishikesh Hirway): 32:58-1:02:39
Net Neutrality Update
Avocado Toast Bankrupting Millennials

Trumpdate (with Maureen Johnson): 1:03:58-1:42:51
Trump Leaks to Russians
Trump Travels
Trump’s Budget Proposal

Wi-Five (with Brent Black): 1:42:54-1:45:00

Outro: 1:45:06

American Gods (Review), Pepe The Frog, French Election, Family Kicked Off Flight, Bombay Sapphire, Mike Huckabee, Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend, First (?) Genderless Acting Award, Clapper and Yates Testimony, Healthcare Bill, Comey Fired


Intro: 0:23-5:54

Bevs Like These
American Gods Ep. 1 Review

Beyond the Headlines: 6:00-42:36

Pepe the Frog Is Dead
French Election Results
Family Kicked Off Delta Flight
Bombay Sapphire Recall
Mike Huckabee Is A Piece Of Shit (Editorial)
Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend
First (?) Genderless Acting Award

Politics Round Up: 44:07-1:24:52

Clapper and Yates Testimony
Healthcare Bill Passes House
FBI Director James Comey Fired

Wi-Five: 1:24:57- 1:27:57

Outro: 1:28:01

Nintendo Switch, Chef Goldblum, #FireTrump, Fyre Festival, Michael Slager Pleads Guilty, Daddyoffive Revisited, WGA Strike Revisited, Chechnya Situation Worsens, Facebook Announces New Hires, Trumpdate


Intro: 0:24-7:11

Bevs Like These

Nintendo Switch Review

Beyond The Headlines 7:17-25:39

Chef Goldblum


Fyre Festival

Walter Scott Killer Pleads Guilty

Story Updates 27:08-47:12

Daddyofive: Cody and Emma in Custody of Birth Mother

WGA: Writer Strike Averted at the Last Minute

Chechnya’s Persecution of Gay Men Worsens

Facebook Plans to Hire 3000 New Employees to Manage Live Content

TrumpDate 47:18-1:06:29

Trump Walks Out of Dickerson Interview

Congressional Budget Clears

Trump Campaign Ad

Trump Andrew Jackson Comments

Wi-Five of the Week 1:06:32-1:09:27

Outro 1:09:24

Unicorn Frap, Jeff Goldblum, State Department Advertises Mar-A-Lago, Declaration Discovery, Confederate Memorial Removed, French Election, Muddy Jeans, Writer's Strike, Trumps First 100 Days


Hey folks! Gonna try something new in the description! Let us know what you think!

Intro (0:24-10:50)

Bevs Like These

Unicorn Frap

Goldblum signs on to Jurassic World sequel

Beyond The Headlines (10:54-33:08)

State Department Promotes Mar-A-Lago

Parchment Copy of Declaration of Independence Discovered

New Orleans Removes Confederate Memorials

French Presidential Elections

Nordstrom Mud Jeans

Impending Writer’s Strike (34:40-46:57)

Trumps First 100 Days (47:02-1:03:39)

Wi-Five (1:03:52-1:07:36)

Outro (1:07:41)

Boston Marathon, UK Election, Georgia Election, Alex Jones, Daddyofive, April the Giraffe, Facebook Shooter, United Revisited, Bill O'Reilly Revisited, Fearless Girl Revisited

Rachel Stine

Hello there! Didn't see you come in! Have a seat and pull up some trending news for yourself. Also, want to talk about shorts? No? Ok, back to the news. This week in Beyond the Headlines: the Boston Marathon had some notable finishers, Theresa May called for an election in the UK government, Georgia, USA also held a special election this week, radio personality Alex Jones has made a surprising reveal about himself, Youtube channel Daddyofive is in hot water over alleged abuse shown on their channel, and April the Giraffe has given birth! Also this week, the story of a horrendous act of violence broadcast over Facebook and the conversations about monitoring live content that it has sparked. We also revisit some old stories this week: United (as well as American and Delta) have made some policy changes, Bill O'Reilly is on his way out over at Fox, and correspondent Rachel Stine joins us to discuss new developments regarding the Fearless Girl statue. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and would you kindly share?

Note: We have warnings in the show, but we discuss a story about abuse and a story about gun violence this week. So, if you would like to skip those stories, we have warnings in the ep so you know when to skip forward.