My Brother, My Brother and Me 94: The Secrets of Dilbert

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We know that you'd never be so bold as to ask us to talk about relevant events like college basketball championships -- so we went ahead and fulfilled that request for you. We know, it's like we share a single brain! Now, we're going to make you think about nachos.

Suggested talking points: Hoop Bros, Stop Snitchin', Tieboner, Babydoctor, Lock up Your Kids, Coal-Fired Internet, Gallagher v. Gallagher, A Recap of Brett Favre's Career

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Aparell advice please from Nick U.K.

Dear McElroy brothers

I'm a listener from Britain (cue bad versions of British accents sounding like dudes chewing a gobstoppers) and like the cut of your advice on all topics. So I hope you can help me in my predicament.
Ive just started working a new contract in a drawing office comrising of two distinct types of people and a code of fashion. Wanting to fit in with both, do I wear a shirt and tie like the old school dudes and gain respect through management or freestyle it with the nerds and IT, pushing the code to it's limits.

Please help me OB1, you're my only hope.


Nick in Cambridge