My Brother, My Brother and Me 93: Dax is All


We can't think of an episode that's as timely and relevant as the one you're about to listen to. Just in time for the Oscars, we're bringing you some truly sage-like movie talk. Sadly, that movie came out in 2004, and was the worst thing ever.

Suggested talking points: P.O.D., Impossible Dave, President Lamppost, Getting Zucked, Squatching, Dickolletage, Without a Paddle

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without a paddle

Double the listening pleasure

I usually listen to podcasts while doing various odds and ends, some of which may require a moment of attention. For most podcasts, I can follow the gist of the thing despite these interuptions.

With yours however, I am instantly puzzled. How did we go from gargoyle santons to comparative vaginas?! I need to know!

And so I listen multiple times. And enjoy each of them...



Why do these keep getting bigger, I think 61mb for an hour show is ridiculous. I download on my phone and with files this large it frequently times out before it can finish. A 2 hour show I listen to is only 32mb and sounds great so I don't think reducing the size will reduce the listening pleasure.