MBMBaM 285: Home Alone 0: Blood in the Snow


There's a lot more to the Home Alone series than slapstick home defense and Tim Curry's pronunciation of the word "pizza." Like, a lot more. Some dark stuff, too -- and it all exists within the confines of Justin's pseudo-canonical thriller fiction.

Suggested talking points: Great British Fancast, Detergent Cop, Hugs for Drugs, Bye Bye Potter, Mrs. Bakula, Utility Ghost, Prequels


Kevin MacAllister

The thing Kevin hangs on the door to superheat the knob is an electric charcoal starter.

Plug it in, pile charcoal on top, and in 5-10 minutes, the charcoal is burning.

Wait, wait, I've got this...

Benedaddy Cumberlegs.




I can't stop listening to this. OMG. Pimbles.

About the utilities bill

About the utilities bill thing:

Of course the person who didn't use the utilities for a month shouldn't have to pay for any of the utilities for that month. Utility bills aren't just some simple lump salary that must be paid, they're charged based on usage.

The person who DID use the utilities while the other person was gone still used the same amount of utilities as when the other person IS there. So it's not like that person living their suddenly has to pay for both halves of the bill, they're still paying the exact amount they always pay. If the bill for both of them being there is normally $100, and they both normally pay half, then if one of them is gone for a month, the bill would only be $50--the amount that the person living there normally uses and pays. It wouldn't magically stay $100 and force that person to pay double their normal amount.

So no, the person who was gone obviously shouldn't have to pay for half of the OTHER guy's bill. Why should the guy who DID stay there and DID use the utilities suddenly get a $25 discount on their own usual share of the bill? And if the bill WAS still $100, then it's entirely the fault of the person living there and they went out of their way to use more of the utilities than normal. And the other guy ESPECIALLY shouldn't have to pay for the misuse.

Comparing it to paying for rent is not analogous to the situation, because whether you're in the house or not, the house is still being rented and is still essentially licensed to you and no one else. But you wouldn't have to pay utilities if they weren't being used.

It was my question. The bill

It was my question. The bill was the SAME, despite my being gone. Case in point, when I got home from break he was not around and: the heat was set at 78 degrees, a window was cracked (gosh, I guess it was too hot?), and his 50" TV was on. The price of peace though, I suppose.